Building my first keyboard (and you can too)

starting with knowing absolutely nothing about building keyboards

The body

right hand of dactyl body with switches inserted

The switches

The keycaps

cotton candy colors

The microcontroller(s)

The wiring



all together now


stripped wire used for columns
left: switch diagram of pins, right: Pro Micro pin layout
row wiring diagram
left: a diode with a loop for easy soldering, middle: diodes arranged on the silver pin for wiring rows, right: diodes soldered to silver pins and looped around wire in prep for soldering
continuity and diode symbols is the mode for testing connections
testing connections after wiring to the Pro Micro
column wiring diagram
left: fully wired rows and (almost) fully wired columns right: closeup of freshly wired columns
left: Pro Micro pin labels, middle: Pro Micro prepped for soldering, right: row wires running to Pro Micro with electrical tape insulation
left: wiring diagram for TRRS pins to Pro Micro pins, right: TRRS mount with wires prepped for soldering


brew tap osx-cross/avr
brew tap PX4/homebrew-px4
brew install libusb
brew link --force avr-gcc@7
brew install dfu-programmer
brew install gcc-arm-none-eabi
brew install avrdude
main layer
sub layer accessed by tapping the TOGGLE LAYER key
it’s alliivveee






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